Since 1977, helping businesses recycle metals efficiently for fair prices.

Recycle Aluminum

Recycle Aluminum | Midas Metal Recycling - Detroit,MI

Because we are a major metal recycling plant, we are happy to offer our expertise for copper and aluminum recycling – two greatly...

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Wire Recycling

Wire Recycling | Midas Metal Recycling - Detroit,MI

In addition to our specialty in carbide recycling, we also offer our extensive skill and knowledge in metals to provide expert and honest...

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Carbide Recycling

Carbide Recycling | Midas Metal Recycling - Detroit,MI

We are the leading carbide recycler in Warren, Michigan, and we have cemented our reputation with tradesmen, manufacturers...

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Welcome To Midas Metal Recycling

We are Midas Metal Recycling, a locally owned and operated professional metal recycling company that works with industrial materials. We are located in Warren, Michigan, and happily serve the entire Detroit, Michigan, area.

Since we opened in 1977, we have maintained our ethical business standards and honest business. The trust we have with our customers – from tradesmen to contractors to manufacturers – has helped to bolster our reputation as an efficient, personable, and trustworthy metal recycler.

Our of our main focuses for metals is carbide recycling – we are the leading tungsten carbide recycler in Warren – as well as insulated wire, and copper and aluminum recycling. We always provide our customers fair prices for the metals and materials they bring in to us.

Please note: We do not accept random scrap and old stuff that has been lying around your garage or yard, or at the dump. We would like to help all customers, but our clientele often have large orders of recycling to be done, and we simply do not have the time or resources to recycle every little bit from around the house. So, please, no washers, dryers, or stoves.

Contractors and manufacturers can ship their metals to us for recycling and accurate weight and payment.

Also, because of our more than 35 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and tools to analyze and identify carbide, copper, nickel, and aluminum within sludge and scraps that may not be immediately recognizable.

We are proud to offer our customers our experience and skill in metal recycling – carbide, wire, copper, nickel, aluminum – as well as the means for cost-effective and convenient shipping. This allows you – our clients – to enjoy a high return on your investment when recycling!

Contact us today at (586) 758-1602 for more information – about recycling, shipping, or estimates!

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